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Next up is the regular IBF Pub Quiz, which is being held in its usual venue of Beckett’s Irish Pub in Vinohrady.

The IBF Pub Quiz series has been running for several years now and it has been held in a number of different venues, including the James Joyce in the centre of town, the former Kempinski Hotel, the Caffreys Irish Pub and now Becketts. Originally starting as just a bit of fun, the Quiz has turned into a regular event as so many of our members enjoy taking part; of course, it gets very competitive (!) but it is also a great way of meeting each other and getting to know new people very quickly.

The format is simple; we usually arrive at around 6.30 and spend about half an hour having a glass of wine or a beer and chatting together, before we take our seats at 7.00 pm. We have some regular ‘teams’ (these are supposed to be of four, but sometimes one of the team can’t make it, or someone new wants to join up, so we don’t impose this rule rigorously). We also have many members (and guests) that come on their own, and they will then be put together with others to make teams of four (again, if possible) – it is a fantastic ice breaker for new people to be sat down with three other people that they have never met before and suddenly they become ‘a team’.

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Our regular Quiz Master is our member, David Talacko, who prides himself on coming up with some fiendishly difficult questions; these are usually split into categories (music, history, sport, etc) and into two rounds of about 20-30 questions. At the halfway point we break off for nibbles (wine and beer having been served throughout) and mark each other’s answer sheets. This is followed by a second round, more marking, winners and runners-up are announced and a prize is given to the winning team. After that, we can enjoy some regular pub food, and whilst we are supposed to leave at around 9.00 pm, needless to say, the beer and wine flows and many of us end up staying on until late.

The Pub Quiz is not, of course, very ‘corporate’ but it is a great way to relax and chat to each other and newcomers are often surprised (a) how much they have enjoyed themselves and (b) who else they are able to meet in such an informal environment!

Entry fees: IBF members: 700 Kč
Non-members: 900 Kč

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