With the ongoing lock-down due to the Covid-19 situation, the IBF is keen to supply its members and friends with as much information and help as it can.   Any members that are producing newsletters, have suggestions for potential ‘online events, or even have requests for assistance, whether personally or with activities that they are involved in, are therefore welcome to send it to us for posting on this page.  We will try to keep whatever is posted relevant and useful.

November 19

Extension of the state of the emergency

November 12

COVID – amended acts

November 4

COVID 19: rent program

October 27

New measures

October 21

A general ban on retail sales and the provision of services

October 20

Changes in the area of insolvency

October 13

Restrictive measures

September 30

State of emergency

September 8

Extension of the Antivirus employment support programme and the kurzarbeit

July 21

Support for accommodation facilities

June 22

Conditions of the COVID – “Nájemné” programme

June 18

„Antivirus C“ programme and tax package approved by the Chamber of Deputies

June 9

Support for entrepreneurs

May 25

Change of tax laws and extension of the Antivirus programme

May 21

Update to state support for entrepreneurs

May 18

COVID newsletter 18.05.2020

May 14

Deferral of social insurance payments

May 7

New Legislative Changes

May 5

COVID – Planned further economic aid

April 29

Prolongation of the emergency state and the anti-virus employment protection program

April 24

COVID alert 24.04.2020

April 23

Update concerning COVID III programme

April 22

Bill on the lease of business premises approved in the original version

April 21

Update concerning COVID Prag and COVID III programmes

April 20

Update concerning the support of self-employed persons and freelancers

April 17

COVID-19: New Legislative Changes

April 16

Update concerning the Covid Prague programme