PROMEDICA decreases employees’ expenses by 40%

PROMEDICA PRAHA, the largest equipment supplier for hospitals in the Czech Republic, chose expense@work to control, approve and categorise employees’ travel costs effectively. The company’s sales director, as well as other members of the top management team now have access to a summary of all expenses and budgetary performance, which they can control in a real-time, responding to the changing situation in the market if necessary.

‘The introduction of expense@work at our company initially provoked resentment in our employees. However, after the first year it has turned out that, thanks to this system, the overall expenditure reimbursed to our employees dropped by 40 % and the number of processed receipts decreased by 50 %. Employees are automatically forced clearly to justify every single expense and they have to do it straightaway. Moreover, they know that if the expense isn’t legitimate, the division manager won’t approve it, and this expense won’t be reimbursed to them,’ said Olga Probst, Head of Financial Department at PROMEDIACA PRAHA.

‘expense@work provided our sales director with a very effective tool that significantly helped both to decrease our employees’ expenses and increase their efficiency. Even though, after two years of operation, the number of receipts is increasing, we still have our expenses under control.’

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