Digital Resources a.s.

Digital Resources has 15 years of experience in the Czech Republic and a highly trained staff serving over 200 customers who represent a variety of local and international companies. The company offers cost-competitive, multi-lingual business software solutions and complete information and communication infrastructure management. The Digital Resources Software Services division customizes business software solutions, including Intuo – Company Intelligence CRM (for business and customer relationship management), M-Files (easy document management software) and Helios Orange ERP (for accounting). Digital Resources also designs original software depending upon the needs of its customers. Its IT Services division provides hardware infrastructure management, consultation, system design, installation, integration and maintenance services.

Address:Poděbradská 520/24, Praha 9, 190 00
Telephone number:+420281090141
Fax number:+420281090140
Number of employees in Czech Republic:30
Business classification:Information systems, Information technology
Date joined:2008
Key contacts:Martin Kanyza