ETHER Consulting s.r.o.

ETHER Consulting s.r.o is an independent company that was established in mid-2004 with the sole objective of providing a One-Stop Service in Business Services and Property Services. Our Business Services are focused on business start-ups and include company formation work, accounting and tax services, financial administration and visa applications. Our Property Services are aimed at apartment buyers requiring assistance with pre and post-purchase issues, as well as private investors and funds searching for investment and devleopment opportunities across all sectors of the property market.

Address:Pobřežní 370/4, 186 00 Praha 8
Telephone number:+420 222 314 105
Fax number:+420 222 314 114
Number of employees in Czech Republic:5
Business classification:Company formation, Accounting and Tax, Administrative services, Residence Permits and Visas, Tax Planning services
Date joined:2008
Key contacts:Boban Stamenkovič