Mark2 Corporation Czech a.s.

Mark2 Corporation Czech a.s. has been on the Czech market since 1992. In 2009, it became the largest Czech agency providing facility management services and integrated security services without a foreign ownership share. M2.C operates in prestigious facilities with high social status, administrative complexes and hotels. It also provides services to shopping and entertainment centers, retails and modern industrial sites. Our customers are Czech as well as foreign investors, who demand a high level of professionalism and emphasize transparency and moral conduct of their partners. The complexity of our services is based on our knowledge of security logistics, the combination of technologies and physical security as well as on our elaborate facility management.

Address:Pod višňovkou 23/1662
Telephone number:+420 234 033 333
Fax number:+420 234 033 434
Email address:
ICO:257 19 751
Number of employees in Czech Republic:2182
Business classification: Integrated Security Services, Facility Management, Operation of historical Monuments and Tourism, Security Software, Debt Management
Date joined:2014
Key contacts: JUDr. Matěj Bárta, Eran Liron, MBA