The New Presence

In light of growing international interest, The New Presence was founded in 1996 as the English language counterpart to the Czech Republic’s leading socio-political journal, Přítomnost.

Published on a quarterly basis, The New Presence has grown over the past decade and a half as universities, online publishing databases, and individual readers have recognized the uniqueness of this journal on Central European affairs.

With many of its articles translated from Czech into English, The New Presence provides English readers with an unmatched look into not only Czech affairs, but also global affairs from a Czech perspective.

As the world around us has grown increasingly globalized and interconnected, we have recognized the need to create a community of shared and mutual understanding through dialogue and debate. We have recognized the importance of varying viewpoints and perspectives, and it is our mission to provide such a platform.

For that reason, we have decided to heed the order of the day and digitalize our publication. As many print publications have realized, the Internet provides us with the opportunity to expand our global reach even further. It is with great excitement that we thus bring The New Presence to you in this digital age.

Address:Přítomnost, Národní 11, 110 00 Praha 1
Telephone number:+420 222 075 600
Date joined:2014
Key contacts:Jakub Wolf