Latest IBF events…

On Friday, 11th December, 2015, the International Business Forum held its annual Christmas Gala Party at the Augustine Hotel in Prague.

The whole evening had a fantastic atmosphere as IBF members and their guests celebrated the start of the holiday season and the end of the year with delicious food prepared by Czech ‘Master Chef’ Marek Fichtner, and copious amounts of good wine.

The winner of this year’s nomination for the “IBF Member of the Year” was Jonathan Hallett from Cushman & Wakefield, and the award for the “Best Dressed Table” deservedly went to the table hosted by Howard Chapman, known as the ‘Friends of P3’ table.

The celebrations continued until the early hours of the following morning in the Augustine’s cellar bar (the former medieval brewery), with dancing to music played by DJ Jerome.

Witnesses claim there was not a significant hangover recorded the next day. The wines must have truly been of the highest quality!

Photos of the guests and the event can be found on the IBF gallery page.